All fulvic acids are not created equal

That is right, fulvic acids are as different as night and day.  It depends on the source and extraction methods.  Most fulvic acids in the industry are just dead substances, counterfeits, dangerous, yet in some rare cases they are alive with life force.

Did you know that many companies claim to have fulvic acid, and they are not even using accepted or standardized tests to make that claim.  Over 20 years ago when I was a member of the International Humic Substance Society, they didn’t even have an excepted test to identify or qualify fulvic acids.  I don’t think that has changed much since.

Yes, there are labs that claim they can test and quantify fulvic acid, but I can send them golden colored sugar water or human urine, and have it come back positive.  I know of only one method, and only one state approval in the United States.  So don’t be deceived.

When I first released fulvic information into the industry and to the world in 1996, none of the health supplements claiming fulvic acid even existed.  Sure there were mineral waters or colloidal minerals, yet few if any of those have ever been able to prove any real fulvic acid content.

Over the next few years I found the industry attracted scam artists and get-rich-quick schemers, and many dishonest characters.  I never before in my life saw anything like it.  They used my information and claimed their products did the same as the hospital studies I published.  They plagiarized the exclusive studies that I presented.  Because of that, I removed my information from the internet.  Now I find it pirated and copyright infringed all over the web.

Some people think that fulvic acid is a substance like water or like milk.  If you have seen one, you basically have seen them all.  They are dead wrong.  You need to rethink your alliances.

Fulvic acid is really plural, fulvic acids, which are made up from the protective substances and components of millions of species of microorganisms, and billions of individuals.  No two fulvic acids are the same.

For instance, did you know that one teaspoon of healthy organic humus soil has more living microorganisms in it than there are people on the earth?  Did you know that there are millions of species that participate in humification, or in making fulvic acid?  Did you know that most prescription drugs come from synthetic compounds that are counterfeits of those idsolated substances produced by soil microorganisms.

Did you know that penicillium bacteria help produce fulvic acids?  Yet unlike the isolated penicillin bacterial substances in pharmaceutical drugs, fulvic acid has components of hundreds of varieties of penicillium.  Yet not one person on
Earth has ever had an allergic reaction to the myriad penicillin remnants in It keeps creating its own energy..  In a way fusion give livefulvic acid, which are taken up into plants that we use for human food.

Millions of people have life threatening allergies to penicillin.  Which would your rather have, a synthetic isolated counterfeit, or a natural broad spectrum substance that has never caused a problem.  Well that is real fulvic acid.

And what is my proof?  The thousands of farmers raising livestock who have successfully replaced antibiotics in animal feed with humic substances, of which the bio-active component is fulvic acid.  And yes, they know which brands work and which ones are real.

Just know that you are likely being deceived and misled.  I know I won’t trust my life or the life of my family to invalid products.  I already know of several people who have died prematurely by using invalid products.

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