Fulvic acid was never about the minerals

Real fulvic acid is about rare earth elements that make up enzymes.  Did you know that while enzymes are not living entities, they have a life-like activity that performs necessary functions for life.

Enzymes help form hormones or even act like hormones.  Enzymes help digest your food and digest soil compounds and make them available to plants.  Real fulvic acids are full of enzymes and full of activity.

Real fulvic acid is alive with enzyme activity.  The wide array of mineral water products on the market, or colloidal minerals as they are often called, have totally missed the point.  Because they are extracted from humic shale, they immediately jumped on the bandwagon and proclaimed they have fulvic acid.

But really many don’t have fulvic acid, and even if they do it is not of tested and proven biological activity.  I laugh when I see them proclaim that they have more fulvic acid then their competitors.  Did you know that too much fulvic acid kills living cells and beneficial bacteria.  Some fulvic acids from certain sources have negative biological activity.  More is not better.

And just as I have said many times before, I can throw many non-fulvic substancesn (like table sugar) into a sample and have it come back with much higher levels of fulvic.  Those tests are bogus.  The labs are bogus.  They will perform antiquated tests that mean nothing.

So when someone talks about fulvic acid and talks about minerals, it is like they are trying to take your eye off of the ball.  I like tests that show how seeds sprout, how seedlings grow, how plants grow.  These same tests will show how bacteria in your gut will grow and how microbes in the soil grow, and that is what healthy mineral production is really all about anyway.

All I can say, is when someone focuses on minerals and fulvic in your liquid mineral product, you should hold on to your wallet and run the other direction as fast as you can.  Minerals are not what this is about.  Furthermore, I have spent decades watching these companies try to tell their customers how excessive aluminum, lead, and other heavy metals are a necessary part of their product, everyone showing off their mineral list and claiming they have more.

Do you know what this is like?  It is exactly like the old-time traveling medicine shows, where charlatans hawked their wares as they went from town to town.

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