The life-force of living things is enhanced by fulvic acid

The photo series at the top of our homepage shows healthy living organisms, flowers, and plants, and their electrical energy.  Call it the Kirlian effect, coronal discharge, a halo, aura, life-force, or whatever you like, but this type of photography shows a beautiful active electrical or magnetic energy field around all healthy living things.  If something is sick this is minimal, and if something is dead, it doesn’t happen.

I can tell you from experience, that using the optimum amount of high quality real fulvic acid significantly influences and enhances this life-force.  I have seen it.  You can see it.  What you are seeing in those photos is very real.  It is called the Kirlian Effect or halo, taken with a special type of photography or aura camera.

If you want to know which fulvic acid product is best, put them through the before and after test.  Do Kirlian photography of your hand or a plant using an aura camera or Kirlian plate, then give the subject an optimum dose of quality fulvic acid and see what happens.  If you don’t see something spectacular, then it is time to find a new fulvic product, or for a supplier producer to go back to the drawing board.  These tests don’t lie.

As a humic/fulvic science consultant, I have helped companies bring their fulvic acid products to life!  Fulvic acid influences microorganisms.  If you do Kirlian photography showing your fulvic acid product’s effect on humans or plants, give the bacteria in the digestive tract or soil a chance to do their thing.  They will respond wonderfully if the dose is correct.  In other words, microorganisms participate in this.

Give the bacteria in the soil around the plant roots a few minutes to respond, nourish, and travel up into the plant, and watch what happens.  Too little fulvic, too much fulvic, or bad quality fulvic simply does not work.  In fact you will see the opposite.

High quality fulvic acids work quickly, and penetrate so well, so immediately, and so thoroughly, that the activity and effect will disperse throughout the entire organism in seconds.  This means that it will go from root to plant tips in seconds.  This works with large plants, bushes, and even entire trees.  This happens with animals and the human body as well.

Did you know that quality fulvic acid makes water wetter, makes water penetrate better, changes the molecular structure, and a lot more?  Did you know that fulvic acid has been shown to even pass through glass in a controlled laboratory environment?

But what I am telling you is only the tip of the iceberg.  There is so very much more, beyond the imagination of most people and many scientists.  We have barely scratched the surface.  All I can say, is that you have come to the right place if you really want to learn what true fulvic acid is really about, its capabilities, and what it does.

Can your fulvic acid product pass the Kirlian  or aura photo test?  If it does, every living thing treated with it will come alive with a fiery blue or multi-color electrically charged glow and will take on a charged and energetic “countenance” that looks like lightning.  You will be amazed.  You need a product that can do that.  This kind of energy is what real fulvic acid is really about.

Don’t believe in the Kirlian effect, halos or auras?  Don’t believe in magnetic energy fields around animate and inanimate objects?  Then you must not believe in the aurora borealis or northern lights either.  There are some similarities to the Earth’s aurora, and fulvic acid related phenomena, which we will touch on in more depth later.  But we will allude to it briefly here.

Yes, there are similariteis to the sun and the fusion responsible for its continual burning.  Yes, there are similarities to the fusion that takes place on the surface of the leaf during plant photosynthesis.  And these things are all related to the fusion that can be going on in the depth of highly complex fulvic acid molecules and within atoms at the atomic level.

If you still don’t believe, then let’s test some blood, or the fulvic itself, and do some dark field microscopy work.  These studies don’t lie.

I like to watch the individual cells and molecules start vibrating or moving with enhanced life force under a dark field microscope.  I like to watch clumped together blood cells break apart, plump up, and start to flow freely.  You can see the life become more vibrant in them!  Quality fulvic can make this happen, and I have seen it.

Each company tells everyone they have a great fulvic acid product, mineral product, or whatever.  Many are garbage and nothing but hot-air and slight-of-hand.  Well this is the place to learn, and the place to prove it.  So bring it on.  Let’s see what you have!

Will your fulvic enhance the corona discharge of treated living organisms?  Do you want me to test your fulvic for you?  Do you dare display the test results for the world to see?  If so, then this is the place to back up your claims.

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