Extensive Chinese medical studies using fulvic acids

In 1996 I was contacted by Li Yuzhong, a scientist in China.  He worked in the field of humic substances, particularly fulvic acid.  He told me about a book he had, that discussed Wujinsan, which is roughly translated as black gold medicine.  He told me how a famous Chinese doctor dating back to the Ming Dynasty had healed many people of serious diseases with the humic substance known as fulvic acid.

Li Yuzhong offered to send me a copy of the book.  It had been published three years earlier, in 1993.  Of course it was written in Chinese.  But furthermore, a simple translation would not suffice, because it dealt with extensive Chinese scientific and medical terminology.

So we hired Dr. Stella Guillory, an expert in Chinese to English medical translations, to translate the book.  It cost us thousands of dollars.  It was well worth the expense.  The book was an absolute goldmine of fulvic acid medical information.

Because China is a communist country, and interested in keeping all of their people working, healthy, and productive at the least cost, the Chinese have great interest in alternative medicines.  They don’t really want anything to do with the very expensive patented synthetic medicines used in the United States.  They know historically that natural medicines work better than their synthetic counterparts.  The Chinese know that Western medicine is generally a counterfeit of the natural medicines, which natural substances usually work far better anyway.

I want you to know that this entire blog is a tribute to my friend Li Yuzhong.  He is one of the true visionaries and pioneers in the humic substance and fulvic acid industry and sciences.  He had the foresight and vision which would eventually help millions of people improve their lives.  Thank you Li Yuzhong!

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