Fulvic acid annihilates radiation

Yes, fulvic acid really does annihilate radiation.  I personally know some researchers and scientists that witnessed Dr.  William R. Jackson’s experiments with radiation.  The Geiger counter showed radiation in pulverized uranium ore.  But when treated with liquid fulvic acid, the Geiger counter quit ticking.

My question was “where did it go?”  Well I think Dr. Boris Levinsky, a Russian nuclear scientist that I personally worked with, answered that question for me.  Actually, Dr. Andrei Ageev, Boris Levinsky’s Russian colleague answered, because he was the translator.

Dr. Levinsky had worked on the Chernobyl Disaster.  He had witnessed the restoration of agricultural soil using humate, humic substances, and particularly fulvic acid.  But deep in our conversations I started to see the picture.

The sun is radiation.  Actually the sun burns with fusion, which is the opposite of nuclear fission.  Fission is the destructive radiation that nuclear bombs are made from.  On the other hand, nuclear fusion is the radiation that comes from our sun.

Sinilarly, nuclear fusion is what takes place on the surface of leaves during photosynthesis.  Fusion is a form of self-replicating energy.  It just does not need to be refueled.  Fusion makes its own energy.

When plants die and return to the soil, they take the energy with them, as latent energy, locked up so that it is not seen, quantified, or readily released.  You will find it interesting to note, that when I was en engineer working for Atlas Minerals, in their Big Indian Uranium Mines, I saw the immense amount of petrified plant material that makes up uranium ore.

But uranium ore has gone full cycle, and turned back to a mineral element.  Similarly, coal has done the same thing, just in a different way.  The source material may have been different forms of plant matter, but they are mnineral rock.  Yet we know the latent energy that coal and uranium contain.

Then comes the humate, which is still in organic form.  It has not undergone the pressure and heat to turn into rock.  it has been decomposed by microbes and still remains organic.

Yet somewhere in the depths of humic substance’s organic molecules, including fulvic acid’s molecules, is the ability or absorb and change nuclear fission into nuclear fusion and make it safe.

This is something that scientists do not discuss, nor do most scientists want to go there.  Yet I am interested in it, and some others that I know.  One scientist that I read about did advanced studies with fulvic acid.

On a delicate scale fulvic acid was weighed, than complexed with other substances that had been weighed.  Then after the two materials were complexed together the sum total weight was less than the individual weights.

Where did some of the material go?  Some scientists speculated that it went into another dimension.  Similarly some scientists have speculated that this happens with the annihilation  of radiation.

Yet this is not all.  Here is some food for thought.  When a scientist carefully dried some fulvic acid in a glass flask, he was astonished to see a flash of light and see that the flask had instantly melted and was turned inside out.  Now not every experiment with drying fulvic acid in a flask will exhibit this reaction, but one time it did.

Some scientists have speculated that strontium, magnesium, and some of the rare earth elements were responsible.  I even read once about a flask of heated strontium doing similar, burning in a white flash and turing the flask inside out during an experiment.  Even the fireworks industry knows how to burn metals to create intense flashes of light, sufficient for the heat to melt a flask.

Yet the important thing here is that there is latent energy in the form of nuclear fusion that remains in humic substances.  They are the only plant originated substance that will not burn or release its energy somehow.

Yet humic substances do release their energy at the cellular level, within cells and particularly in their action with microbes.  The results have been amazing.  I personally spoke with a scientist who soaked some seeds in a dilute fulvic acid seed soak, then put them in a pitch black cabinet and forgot them.  He came came back to find tiny healthy green seedlings, an impossibility without light.

Yet these seeds were able to use the light energy contained within the fulvic acid.  Other scientists have seen seeds that were believed dead and would not sprout with water, come to life and grow when treated with a fulvic acid seed soak.  So you be the judge.  All I know is that the list of amazing things related to fulvic acid and humic substances continues to grow and amaze me.

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