Fulvic acid annihilates radiation

Yes, fulvic acid really does annihilate radiation.  I personally know some researchers and scientists that witnessed Dr.  William R. Jackson’s experiments with radiation.  The Geiger counter showed radiation in pulverized uranium ore.  But when treated with liquid fulvic acid, the Geiger counter quit ticking.

My question was “where did it go?”  Well I think Dr. Boris Levinsky, a Russian nuclear scientist that I personally worked with, answered that question for me.  Actually, Dr. Andrei Ageev, Boris Levinsky’s Russian colleague answered, because he was the translator.

Dr. Levinsky had worked on the Chernobyl Disaster.  He had witnessed the restoration of agricultural soil using humate, humic substances, and particularly fulvic acid.  But deep in our conversations I started to see the picture.

The sun is radiation.  Actually the sun burns with fusion, which is the opposite of nuclear fission.  Fission is the destructive radiation that nuclear bombs are made from.  On the other hand, nuclear fusion is the radiation that comes from our sun.

Sinilarly, nuclear fusion is what takes place on the surface of leaves during photosynthesis.  Fusion is a form of self-replicating energy.  It just does not need to be refueled.  Fusion makes its own energy.

When plants die and return to the soil, they take the energy with them, as latent energy, locked up so that it is not seen, quantified, or readily released.  You will find it interesting to note, that when I was en engineer working for Atlas Minerals, in their Big Indian Uranium Mines, I saw the immense amount of petrified plant material that makes up uranium ore.

But uranium ore has gone full cycle, and turned back to a mineral element.  Similarly, coal has done the same thing, just in a different way.  The source material may have been different forms of plant matter, but they are mnineral rock.  Yet we know the latent energy that coal and uranium contain.

Then comes the humate, which is still in organic form.  It has not undergone the pressure and heat to turn into rock.  it has been decomposed by microbes and still remains organic.

Yet somewhere in the depths of humic substance’s organic molecules, including fulvic acid’s molecules, is the ability or absorb and change nuclear fission into nuclear fusion and make it safe.

This is something that scientists do not discuss, nor do most scientists want to go there.  Yet I am interested in it, and some others that I know.  One scientist that I read about did advanced studies with fulvic acid.

On a delicate scale fulvic acid was weighed, than complexed with other substances that had been weighed.  Then after the two materials were complexed together the sum total weight was less than the individual weights.

Where did some of the material go?  Some scientists speculated that it went into another dimension.  Similarly some scientists have speculated that this happens with the annihilation  of radiation.

Yet this is not all.  Here is some food for thought.  When a scientist carefully dried some fulvic acid in a glass flask, he was astonished to see a flash of light and see that the flask had instantly melted and was turned inside out.  Now not every experiment with drying fulvic acid in a flask will exhibit this reaction, but one time it did.

Some scientists have speculated that strontium, magnesium, and some of the rare earth elements were responsible.  I even read once about a flask of heated strontium doing similar, burning in a white flash and turing the flask inside out during an experiment.  Even the fireworks industry knows how to burn metals to create intense flashes of light, sufficient for the heat to melt a flask.

Yet the important thing here is that there is latent energy in the form of nuclear fusion that remains in humic substances.  They are the only plant originated substance that will not burn or release its energy somehow.

Yet humic substances do release their energy at the cellular level, within cells and particularly in their action with microbes.  The results have been amazing.  I personally spoke with a scientist who soaked some seeds in a dilute fulvic acid seed soak, then put them in a pitch black cabinet and forgot them.  He came came back to find tiny healthy green seedlings, an impossibility without light.

Yet these seeds were able to use the light energy contained within the fulvic acid.  Other scientists have seen seeds that were believed dead and would not sprout with water, come to life and grow when treated with a fulvic acid seed soak.  So you be the judge.  All I know is that the list of amazing things related to fulvic acid and humic substances continues to grow and amaze me.

Many fulvic acid products may be dangerous and carcinogenic

When I started out working in the fulvic acid industry, I made a horrible mistake.  This mistake has turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  It may also be a curse which may ultimately shorten my life.  Prior to 1996, most companies I worked with were using city culinary water to extract their fulvic acid.  Municipal water must be treated with chlorine.

When I was running my own fulvic acid experiments, I spilled some of the extract on the floor.  Later, when cleaning up, I walked into that room with bare feet.  There was a dry powder film on the floor.  The floor was dry.  Yet I absorbed something into my feet that made me very sick for days.  Try as I did, I could not get it out of my system, which proves how readily real fulvic acid is absorbed.  Apparently it quickly dispersed into my entire body.

At first I was very light headed, then I felt like I had been poisoned.  You see, I had found some very rich fulvic ore which was a golden orange color.  Yet when the high fulvic ore came into contact with the chlorine in my tap water, it turned poisonous.  I suffered for days and knew I had overdosed on something.

Several days later I went to the internet to try and learn what had happened to me.  Eventually I found horror stories about towns around the world that treated their tap water with chlorine, only to learn that people were developing cancers of all kinds.  The news was horrible.  One town in Nova Scotia really stood out, because the problem was severe.  Apparently their water was coming from sources near peat bogs that were very high in fulvic acids and humic substances, so the chlorine reaction was poisoning the whole town.

There were many other locations around the world.  In fact, I think the chlorine industry may be working to cover this problem up.

That discovery, led me to learn that I had been exposed to some of the most dangerous and carcinogenic substances on Earth, MX and THMs created by chlorine reacting with humic substances.  The problem was not humic substances at all, the problem was chlorine.

Chlorine reacts turning the beneficial phytonutrients in fruits and plants into deadly MX or THMs, some of the most dangerous and carcinogenic substances on Earth.  Japan learned about this when they started recycling the seawater that was coming from fruit and vegetable processing facilities.  They discovered MX, and honestly you don’t want to know the implications of what chlorine does to our food.  I don’t even want a molecule of MX in my diet, let alone the amounts the EPA allows in your drinking water.

Did you know that chlorine is reacted with natural organic substances in our environment to create DDT?  Well it is true.  Chlorine is deadly.

The more I study, the more I am shocked to learn what chlorine does to us.  It is so bad, that my wife and I decided to put an expensive solid carbon block filter on our house, and other equipment, which remove every particle of chlorine from our water.  And then if I mix water with fulvic or humic of any kind, I filter the water a second time through a Brita filter.

I don’t like eating out a restaurants for this reason.  As a restaurateur for many years, I know how health departments require chlorine to sanitize everything.  I don’t want my fruits and vegetables even washed in that water or prepared on those surfaces.  Such food is killing us one toxic particle at a time.

So there is not one fulvic acid health supplement supplier out there who I trust with my life, to extract fulvic acid even with purified and filtered municipal water.  Not one.  The only water I really trust is water that comes from rain, and in a location that is pure and without any pollution.  I only know of one supplement supplier who uses water of this quality.  And I trust them.

I knew a chemist that laughed at me when I told him how their chlorinated tap water was dangerous in their fulvic extraction.  He poured chlorinated water over some humate and waved his hand repeatedly to his nose to tell me he could smell nothing.  He was a top scientist and chemist.  I don’t want people like that making decisions for me.

That company has gone out of business and I know of three people once operating that company and using their products who died mysteriously and prematurely of unusual deaths.  These people also had serious health problems they were battling as well.  I know what caused their early deaths.

One last thing.  Water treatment facilities go to extensive measures to get humic substances out of their water.  Yet these humic substances in natural streams are of great value, and were of value to our ancestors as well.  Hundreds of years ago people didn’t have many of the health problems we have today.  They were getting fulvic acids from the rain, leached through forest humus, and then into the rivers and streams that they drank from.

Now the municipal water treatment industry throws the baby out with the bathwater.  They view humic and fulvic as the culprits.  Yet the entire chlorine industry is dead wrong.  And not one facility anywhere on Earth can get every speck of humic substances our of their water.  So the EPA allows so-called “safe” levels, which primarily benefits the chlorine industry itself, a huge conglomerate of companies who make billions of dollars by government mandated chlorination.  It is all done in the name of protecting the population from water-borne diseases or illness.  Actually, they are all hypocrites.

There are better ways to make water safe from bacter.  What I have told you here is only the beginning, the tip of the iceberg.  Yet it is time to get this message out to everyone.  It is time to wake up and realize that nobody can or will get every trace of chlorine out of municipal water.

All fulvic acids are not created equal

That is right, fulvic acids are as different as night and day.  It depends on the source and extraction methods.  Most fulvic acids in the industry are just dead substances, counterfeits, dangerous, yet in some rare cases they are alive with life force.

Did you know that many companies claim to have fulvic acid, and they are not even using accepted or standardized tests to make that claim.  Over 20 years ago when I was a member of the International Humic Substance Society, they didn’t even have an excepted test to identify or qualify fulvic acids.  I don’t think that has changed much since.

Yes, there are labs that claim they can test and quantify fulvic acid, but I can send them golden colored sugar water or human urine, and have it come back positive.  I know of only one method, and only one state approval in the United States.  So don’t be deceived.

When I first released fulvic information into the industry and to the world in 1996, none of the health supplements claiming fulvic acid even existed.  Sure there were mineral waters or colloidal minerals, yet few if any of those have ever been able to prove any real fulvic acid content.

Over the next few years I found the industry attracted scam artists and get-rich-quick schemers, and many dishonest characters.  I never before in my life saw anything like it.  They used my information and claimed their products did the same as the hospital studies I published.  They plagiarized the exclusive studies that I presented.  Because of that, I removed my information from the internet.  Now I find it pirated and copyright infringed all over the web.

Some people think that fulvic acid is a substance like water or like milk.  If you have seen one, you basically have seen them all.  They are dead wrong.  You need to rethink your alliances.

Fulvic acid is really plural, fulvic acids, which are made up from the protective substances and components of millions of species of microorganisms, and billions of individuals.  No two fulvic acids are the same.

For instance, did you know that one teaspoon of healthy organic humus soil has more living microorganisms in it than there are people on the earth?  Did you know that there are millions of species that participate in humification, or in making fulvic acid?  Did you know that most prescription drugs come from synthetic compounds that are counterfeits of those idsolated substances produced by soil microorganisms.

Did you know that penicillium bacteria help produce fulvic acids?  Yet unlike the isolated penicillin bacterial substances in pharmaceutical drugs, fulvic acid has components of hundreds of varieties of penicillium.  Yet not one person on
Earth has ever had an allergic reaction to the myriad penicillin remnants in It keeps creating its own energy..  In a way fusion give livefulvic acid, which are taken up into plants that we use for human food.

Millions of people have life threatening allergies to penicillin.  Which would your rather have, a synthetic isolated counterfeit, or a natural broad spectrum substance that has never caused a problem.  Well that is real fulvic acid.

And what is my proof?  The thousands of farmers raising livestock who have successfully replaced antibiotics in animal feed with humic substances, of which the bio-active component is fulvic acid.  And yes, they know which brands work and which ones are real.

Just know that you are likely being deceived and misled.  I know I won’t trust my life or the life of my family to invalid products.  I already know of several people who have died prematurely by using invalid products.