Real fulvic acid is full of latent solar energy

That’s right.  Plant photosynthesis on the surface of every plant leaf involves nuclear fusion.  This is a well known and well documented fact.  Although scientists sometimes have a hard time explaining this process or duplicating it, the sun reacts with plant cells and molecules on the surface of the leaf, which reaction is fusion.

The sun is fusion.  That’s why it never burns out.  That is why it is a controlled burn.  The life of every living thing on Earth depends upon it.

When the leaves of plants die and are returned to the soil in the humification process, where does that energy go?  It goes into the humus, into the atoms and molecules of humic substances, and is stored in the ground as latent solar energy.  Few scientists know or realize this.

When I worked as an engineer for Atlas Minerals in their Big Indian uranium mines south of Moab, Utah, I visited many mines.  The mines ranged through Southeastern Utah over into Western Colorado.

I saw the beautiful multicolored radioactive leaf imprints on the ceiling or “back” of the mine.  I also saw magnificent petrified dinosaur bones and logs being hauled away.  These ancient plant remnants had become petrified.  They were uranium ore.  The more beautiful and colorful, the more radioactive. Honestly, I have never seen anything more beautiful than these leaves and their beautiful colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.  They were much prettier than what we see on the forest floor in autumn, and they all looked similar to maple leaves.

Yet I could pick up a piece of that uranium ore, even the brightly colored stuff, and it was simply an inert rock.  Yet a Geiger counter would go to levels off the charts, and show that it was extremely radioactive.  In those days, that same uranium ore was used to build nuclear bombs used in Japan and power nuclear power the first nuclear power plants around the world.  That process is nuclear fission, powerful and deadly stuff.  Splitting or dividing the atom.  Yet the ore itself seemed perfectly harmless.  And yes, the ore was dead rock, having turned from organic plant matter, into a somewhat inert chemical substance.

Now do you see what I am talking about when I mention latent solar energy?  Another latent solar energy source is coal, oil, and natural gas.  They are are all latent solar energy compressed into a different “dead”chemical mineral materials.  And look at the energy they hold and release when they burn.  It can be a forest fire, house fire, or a controlled burn in a powerplant or furnace.

Another source of latent solar energy is a campfire log or fireplace log.  Yet wood like that is still organic, not rock, yet the wood burns and releases its latent solar energy, hopefully in a controlled burn..

Interestingly all of the plant-based energy sources discussed release their latent solar energy when they burn.  And of course again, we like the controlled burns to heat our homes, our water, and run our automobiles, or warm us by the fireplace.

Well humates or humic substances come from the same organic plant sources.  Yet the interesting thing is that they will not burn.  In fact, scientists can’t get them to quickly release their latent solar energy.  Like the fireplace log, they are sill organic, never quite turning into coal, oil, natural gas or uranium.  Yet they mysteriously have the same latent solar energy.  And the reason they don’t or can’t release it is because it is related to fusion.

Remember the old “cold fusion” experiments performed by Ponds and Fleischman?  Well I learned that at one time they were looking into humate.  They were close.  But so far nobody has been able to crack the code.

Yet billions of bacteria open up the humates and thrive in the fusion the fulvic provides.  They know how to use it.  Maybe that is why certain bacteria die in the presence of fulvic, while others flourish.  Scientists have never been able to explain the selective nature of fulvic acids.  Yet I am explaining it to you today.  Many pathogenic microorganisms can’t tolerate the sun.  So the release of the solar fusion energy zaps them.