Attack on organic agriculture vs conventional agriculture

I constantly see attacks on the organic produce industry, claiming that there are no real differences in food value.  This could not be further from the truth.  This is an outright lie, as you will learn.  There are many things that are not measured or revealed when fresh fruits and vegetables are tested.

Some experts claim there may be slight flavor benefits to organic.  I know this to be true because I grow organic and eat organic.  Other experts mention that organic may have lower amounts of chemical and pesticide residues.

A few scientists claim and agree that organically grown plants may produce more protective substances.  Yet there is something that multicultural and food scientists don’t want to discuss and are hiding from you.

Soil is the stomach of the plant.  Within healthy organic soil humus live millions of species of beneficial plant-like microorganisms.  For each of those millions of species, there are millions of beneficial plant-like organisms.  This results in billions of beneficial plant-like organisms, so many that 3 billion live in a teaspoon of healthy organic soil.  Who tells us this?  Government researchers and soil scientists from all around the world.  But this news never gets out.

The billions and trillions of beneficial soil organisms actually produce the food and nutrients for plants.  Yes, they produce vitamins, mineral enzymes, hormones, amino acids, and a myriad of protective substances that have been proven to readily be taken up into plants.  Yet this microbial “soup” is so diverse and complex that most scientists don’t know or want to identify and untangle it.

Yet the pharmaceutical industry knows all about this.  Most of their drugs have come from identifying a single species of microorganism, and then duplicating the substance it produces.  Then they synthesize it and patent it.  Yet with all of the pharmaceutical drugs, antibiotics, etc., they have not even scratched the surface.

So in reality, the pharmaceutical industry is exploiting the lack of these millions of powerful substances in our food, and then finding them one at a time, then synthesizing them later to alleviate the illnesses caused by the void in our food.  This sounds simplistic, yet you will learn that this is exactly what is happening.  And often the same companies are prospering in the pharmaceutical industry and the agricultural chemical industry.

What are these immensely valuable protective substance produced by beneficial soil microbes?  We call them fulvic acids, which are the most complex and amazing molecules on Earth.

For example, there are hundreds of species of penicillin bacteria in healthy organic soil.  That’s right, hundreds of species.  Many have yet to be discovered and identified, because there are so many.

Yet soil scientists have proven that penicillin is a major creator of fulvic acids in healthy soil.  These myriad penicillin substances that make up fulvic acid, are taken up directly into plants.  I have seen innumerable studies proving it.

There are a million more beneficial things like penicillin in the soil, and in the fulvic acid, which are taken up into organically grown plants.  All together, they create protection from disease in plants, animals, and man.  Yet unlike the single species patented drugs, there is no resistance to infections, and no allergies.

Did you get that:  organically grown super-foods produced in rich natural fulvic humus have multi-spectrum super-penicillins that protect us from infections?  And not one infection is resistant?  And not one person on Earth has an allergic reaction to it?  Yes, you got that right!

The only thing is, there are a million more complex substances like that being produced in the soil and into organically grown fruits and vegetables.  Yes, this is big news.  In fact it is the most important good news in history.

The only problem is, conventional agriculture  just doesn’t have any of it.  The reason conventional agriculture doesn’t have these substances, these fulvic acids, is because they kill all of the beneficial soil microorganisms with fungicides, weed killers, pesticides, and even with the chemical fertilizers they all use today.

Soil scientists have known this for years, for decades, even for centuries.  Most are so blinded by the chemical company and pharmaceutical industry teachings and propaganda in colleges, that they don’t see it.

What they should have been taught is what I am teaching you today.  They should have been taught about the chemist who discovered chemical fertilizers in the 1800’s, and then withdrew his findings when he saw the results.

Yet there was so much money involved, and so much control and power in the industry, that we still use the same chemicals today in conventional agriculture.  It is really all about money.

Near the end of his life, realizing the error of his ways, the father of modern chemical fertilizer, Justus Von Liebig, proclaimed:

“I have sinned against the wisdom of the Creator and I have received the proper punishment.  I wanted to bring an improvement to his work.  In my blindness I believed that in the wonderful succession of laws that connect iife to the Earth’s surface, continually renewing it, a link had been forgotten and that I, poor helpless worm, had to provide this missing link.”  –Justus Von Liebig, the father of chemical fertilizers, 1803-1873.

Wake up!  Spread the good news!  Do everything you can to grow your own organic food.  Buy organic.  Supplement the soil and the beneficial bacteria in your digestive system with quality and proven humic substances, particularly the bioactive portion known as fulvic acid.